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Graphic facilitation is the art of ‘Capturing the Moment’ fast and live by connecting images and words, thus creating an instant map of a conversation at conferences, seminars, workshops, retreats or training events.

The graphic facilitator is the visual individual, normally silent partner to the traditional, verbal facilitator, flashing up large scale images unobtrusively in the room real-time.

This fast-on-the-draw operator focuses on people as they work, aiding understanding by capturing and organizing frozen frames with the ammunition that they provide. The results are truly specific to those people present at that particular event, crystallizing exactly how they felt and experienced.

Post event, these visuals may rise again as an aide memoir, memorable evidence of the event’s journey and direction.

Effective Graphic Facilitators are not necessarily defined by their ability to draw with great finesse (although it helps if one can see what it roughly is!) but are eagle-eyed and...

1. Able to listen for clear meaning.
2. Able to visualize thoughts and ideas and ‘Capture the Moment’.
3. Able to know when to stop and move on.

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Paul Richardson. Abbey Park Art
& Graphic Facilitation...

Graphic Facilitator, Trainer,
Cartoonist and Illustrator.

Before turning freelance 20 years ago, Paul had led the creative services facilities of The Trader Group Newspapers, Thomson Regional Newspapers and Midland Independent Newspapers within the East and West Midland areas. At this time he was also a member of the Derby Saga folk group with whom he made three albums, Captain of Rolls Royce Rugby Club and a Governor at a local, large community school.

His first love is that of Graphic Facilitation, visually capturing live key business learning messages/delegate experiences, at conferences, training events, retreats and workshops. This he has done with Barclaycard, Barclays, Lloyds BG, Coop Bank, HSBC, RBS, GM, Bayer, BP, Shell, PetroSkills, The Royal British Legion, Weight-Watchers, PZCussons, T-Mobile and Vinci plc amongst others. This has taken him to Indonesia, Thailand, The Middle East, Canada, USA, Australia and extensively in the UK and Europe.

Diane Arbus,

As a trainer/facilitator, Paul has delivered Customer Care, Selling More Service, Fix Right First Time, Assertiveness, Communication, One to One (Automotive) Telephone Coaching sessions. He has also developed an employee engaging, idea-generating Creativity at Work workshop. Paul also has a small band of associated fellow Graphic Facilitators and Digital Recorders on call for enormous elite events, as required.

Paul has illustrated children’s books, sports books, training related books and materials and prepared client powerpoint presentations. Married with two children, he is a Past President of Derby Rugby Club... where you might just find him on certain Saturday afternoons.

Have Pens Will Travel!

When I grow up I want to be a Graphic Facilitator

1. TIME is not on your side. If you cock up, carry on. Lash down the bare bones of your visual before the thought dissolves. Scribble down one word/one line first thoughts. Draw it. Move on.

2. As a Graphic Facilitator, you are there to capture the key steps in the journey of the day. This means: Processes; business messages and delegate experiences.

3. Be prepared: Different organisations may have different cultures. If possible, pre check out their mission statements and values. Know your customer – what roles do the attendees perform at work? What are the objectives for the day?

4. Don’t be a distraction unless you’re asked to be centre stage.


5. Keep it simple if you can, keep listening.

6. Make connections between your life-experience (music lyrics/poems/famous quotations/leisure/work relationships); the delegate environment; what’s currently happening in the big, bad world out there.

7. If the company is diverse – reflect this in your representations.

8. Use humour... if appropriate.

9. Beg, steal or borrow.

10. If you miss something (lots of laughs and you missed why) quietly ask friendly delegate.

11. People will at first wonder why you are there, and when they know – are you any good? So start off at 100 mph – get something up there good and quick. Blow their socks off! Then relax into your normal (lightning fast) pace.

12. Whatever you produce is special for the day, for the people present... it’s not something off a shelf. So it is of value. Be proud of this, your personal stamp on things.

13. There is never, ever, a number 13.


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